Whitehaven Expo 2022

On October 6, 2022, Whitehaven High school alumni, business and community leaders will come together to expose Whitehaven High School students to a variety of professional and character development workshops during the 5th Whitehaven Empowerment Expo. The Expo was birthed in 2016 in support of alignment of the Whitehaven Empowerment Zone initiative, and the visionary leadership of Whitehaven Empowerment Zone Executive Principal Dr. Vincent Hunter. The Expo was designed to enlighten, empower and expose students to the many career options they have beyond high school graduation, and provide them with a reality check on what it actually takes to accomplish their career goals. Whether immediately entering the workforce, enrolling in college, or selecting a skilled trade, the Expo aims to bring the Whitehaven High School mission and vision to life and ensure Whitehaven students are well prepared for their next milestone. Providing access to resources, professional and character development workshops, and seminars has proven to be beneficial for students in arming them with the confidence and knowledge needed to be forward thinking about their next stage in life.

In early 2016, it was decided to make this Expo event a part of the Whitehaven High School Homecoming Week activities which is a huge event in the Whitehaven Community and brings back alumni from years past to participate in the homecoming week festivities. The 2017 Expo included a college fair that offered students access to over 35 college admissions counselors and opportunities for students to gain hands on experience in careers within the public works, public services, healthcare and communications and media industries. In 2018, we continued to build upon the Expo’s success by focusing on increased exposure to hands on opportunities in STEM education and technical careers. In 2019, the expo expanded to all of the schools within the Whitehaven Empowerment Zone with an intense focus around careers and activities related to social emotional learning, mental health and wellness. Those schools that participated were as follows:

Whitehaven High School

Robert R. Church Elementary

John P. Freeman Optional School

Holmes Road Elementary

Oakshire ElementaryGeeter K-8 School

A Maceo Walker

Havenview Middle

Due to the pandemic, the Expo was postponed during the 2020 and 2021 academic school years, but will be returning in the Fall of 2022 and expanding across Memphis – Shelby County Schools District 6. The hope for the 2022 expo is to bring together liaisons at each school in District 6 to participate in a District wide Expo, exposing even more students across Whitehaven, Westwood, South Memphis and Riverside communities to the various enrichment opportunities that the Expo has to offer.

“Right now it is up to us, former graduates and alumni of Whitehaven and community members to come together to galvanize all of our talents to help our young people make smart decisions so they can be better prepared for life.” — Dr. Vincent Hunter, Whitehaven Empowerment Zone Executive Principal. 

To participate in the 2022 expo, please email whsempowermentexpo@gmail.com