Rust College pays off more than $150,000 in student debt

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. —  College isn’t cheap, but for some Rust College students there is a little less to worry about.

“This is a huge deal. I think we are seeing now, more than ever, how important higher education is,” said Tiffani Perry, Chief of Staff at Rust College.

Rust College has announced it is clearing more than $150,000 owed by students for the last five semesters.

“We had small amounts from $200 all the way to students who had $5,000 and $6,000 balances,” Perry said. “So this could be for anything that hits the students account balance, from tuition, to books, to room and board.”

The financial relief is possible through funds from the CARES Act for students who were unable to continue their education amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had a number of students who had to leave. Of course, we had to shut down campus in March of 2020, and we had a number of students who had to leave and go home to help their families due to financial hardships,” Perry says. “Dr Taylor really wanted to focus on ensuring that we had opportunities in place for students who were experiencing financial hardships.”

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