‘Nowhere I’d rather be than at Whitehaven High’: Gov. Bill Lee addresses Memphis grads

Among the many Memphis-Shelby County Schools graduation speakers this weekend was Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee.

At Whitehaven High School’s graduation Saturday, the governor asked students to think of their lives like a book.

“And regardless of the chapters to date, the story that’s being written about you has great promise and hope,” Lee said. “The previous chapters were decided largely by someone else, but the next chapters in your life will be decided by you.”

Of the districts 5,500 graduates across 30 high schools, Whitehaven boasted one of the largest classes, at 400 students. In recent years, students at the high school, alma mater to Superintendent Joris Ray, have been known for being “million dollar scholars,” an accomplishment encouraged through a mentor partnership with the Peer Power Foundation. 

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